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Electrical Service

Gulf Power -
A Southern Company subsidiary, Gulf Power's service territory spans the area from the Alabama border on the west to the Apalachicola River on the east; from the Alabama border on the north to the Gulf of Mexico on the south. Gulf Power serves 428,154 customers in 71 towns and communities throughout Northwest Florida.


Escambia River Electric Cooperative -  Founded in 1939, Escambia River Electric Cooperative is a member-owned electric distribution cooperative that services the residents of northern Escambia and Santa Rosa counties. Headquartered in Jay, Florida, with an additional office in Walnut Hill, EREC continues to seek additional ways of enhancing our area’s quality of life. The company also provides water service.


Water/Sewer Service

Emerald Coast Utilities Authority -
The Emerald Coast Utilities Authority was originally created in 1981 by an Act of the Florida Legislature to own, manage, finance, promote, improve and expand the water and wastewater systems of Escambia County and the City of Pensacola. The mission of the ECUA is to promote the quality of life of the Emerald Coast by providing quality water, wastewater, and sanitation services in an effective and efficient manner.


Farm Hill Utilities, Inc. -Located at 120 Madrid Road in Cantonment, the company can be reached at 850-968-2573.


Cottage Hill Water Works - Located at 16 Williams Ditch Road in Cantonment, the company can be reached at 850-968-5485.


Molino Utilities, Inc. - Located at 1640 Molino Road in Molino, the company can be reached at 850-587-5538.


Peoples Water Service Company -  Formed in 1929 as an investor-owned public water utility, during the past 80+ years, Peoples has owned and operated water plants throughout the Southeast. Currently, Peoples has operations in Florida and Louisiana.


Central Water Works, Inc. - Located at 1101 Byrneville Road in Century, the company provides water service for the northern end of Escambia County. The company can be contacted at 850-256-3849.


Gonzalez Utilities Association - Located at 1590 Old Chemstrand Road, the company can be reached at 850-968-5434.


Town of Century - The Town of Century provides water and sewer service for those residents within the town limits of Century.


Natural Gas Service

Pensacola Energy - 
Pensacola Energy maintains a close relationship with the community, not only by providing natural gas energy to thousands of customers, but also by offering a variety of additional services related to energy education. With all the latest information on energy and resource conservation, you and other consumers will be more able to make thoughtful, environmentally sound decisions. Your community is our community. Pensacola Energy is committed to an energy-conscious future.


Town of Century - The Town of Century provides gas service for those residents within the town limits of Century.


Sanitation Collection Service

Emerald Coast Utilities Authority -
(See Water/Sewer services above) - Green cans for regular garbage and tan cans for recycling. The ECUA began offering sanitation services in Escambia County in 1992.


City of Pensacola Sanitation - Black cans for regular garbage and tan cans for recycling - The department provides dependable, efficient sanitation services to city residents and businesses by collecting garbage and trash and the enforcement of municipal ordinances and state statutes that pertain to code violations.