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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know if I’m in an evacuation zone? 

A: Knowing your evacuation zone is one of the most important hurricane preparation steps you can take. It is very important that you look up your evacuation zone each year to find out if and when you should evacuate, even if you have looked it up in the past, as zones can change. Most importantly, don’t rely on previous storm experience. Just because you weathered the last storm, doesn’t mean you will weather this one.Look up your address online at

Q: Why am I not in an evacuation zone (not A, B, C, D or E)? 

A: Because your home is not considered to be in a risk area, particularly from storm surge. In this case, you will need to do what makes you and your family feel safe. If you are in a mobile home or have special needs, you should consider sheltering in a different location.

Q: What are the evacuation routes?

A: It's important to know how you will leave if an evacuation is ever called. Please see Or see our disaster guide for a map

Q: Where can I get sand/sand bags?

A: Escambia County is offering sand for sand bags for residents living in flood-prone areas. The sand is available on a first-come-first served basis and residents must bring their own sandbags and shovels to one of the following locations:

  • Baars Field Athletic Park - 13001 Sorrento Road
  • Brent Athletic Park - 4711 N. W St.
  • Don Sutton Park - 2320 Crabtree Church Road
  • Equestrian Center - 7750 Mobile Highway
  • Escambia County Road Department - 601 Highway 297-A
  • Ferry Pass Middle School - 8355 Yancey Lane, sand will be on the northwest corner of school property on Parazine Street
  • John R. Jones Jr. Athletic Park - 555 E. Nine Mile Road 
  • Travis M. Nelson Park -  4541 County Road 4
When laid properly, sand bags can be an effective tool for flooding from a rain event, but not for storm surge. For more information on how to make and use sandbags, visit the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes ( Sand bags can be purchased  at most local hardware or home improvement stores, typically for a low cost. 

Q: Are the bridges going to close?

A: At this time, it is just to early to predict. Law enforcement will monitor and close bridges for safety at sustained (not gusts) wind speeds of 39 MPH or greater for each specific bridge location. However, any closures will be announced as they happen.
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